Baby Maddox Fundraiser, 2/22/17


#WeCareWednesdays <3 Let’s make this a HUGE success for Baby Maddox & his family. If you can’t make the event, please visit this site to make a donation of any amount:

Baby Maddox is only 10 months old and his parents have been battling a roller coaster with his health since 7 months old. First they were told he had leukemia, and after tons of tests and procedures it has been verified that he does not have leukemia but he has a very rare disease called HLH. Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis is a life-threatening immunodeficiency and at Maddox’s age it is extremely dangerous. His parents are drowning in medical bills and doing whatever they can to help their sweet baby boy fight this disease and live a long healthy life.

He is on steroids to prepare himself for a bone marrow transplant, as well as chemo. The bone marrow transplant needs to be done by March given the serverity of his disease. Unfortunately, this is another major concern. Maddox has a very unique HLA and his brother Jax is not a match, which would have been ideal. Maddox was added to to help him find a donor, so PLEASE visit the website, register and have a free kit sent to you to see if you can help save this sweet boys life and relieve his family from some stress during this time.

This has been such an extremely difficult time on Samantha and Matt. If you know Samantha, you know what a kind, generous, soul she is and to hear the devastation in her voice rips my heart in two. She would do anything for anyone, especially her boys. I have never met someone who radiates as much love and respect as she does, and thats why she needs all the help, love and support that she can get right now.

Please, register to see if you are a match for Maddoxs bone marrow transplant. Please, donate to this gofund me if you are able to, any and everything helps. And most importantly PLEASE keep baby Maddox and his family in your prayers. This will be the biggest financial and emotional battle they ever take on, and they appreciate anything and everything you can do to help ease some of the stress that is ahead.

All donations will go towards travel expenses, making sure Maddox gets all his necessary prescriptions, keeping dinner on their table and a roof over their heads.

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